Our Policy

Our Policy

As part of our commitment of continuous improvement, based in the highest international standards and corporate guidelines; our organization is developing and implementing a management system based in practices and pillars of world class thermofusion that is why we look for:
Integration of security concepts, occupational health, environment and quality as culture in our organization; guaranteeing a continuous improvement in all our process and management system: encouraging the participation of all the personal, internal and external collaborators setting as objective the customer satisfaction.
Improving continuously our process, innovation and standards compliance defined by the customer the organization and the current legislation.
Compliance of international standards associated to the process of inspection of thermofusion; added to the integration of concepts before described, which look to ensure long term sustainable relationships with our personal, customer and associated.


Our orientation and effort is directed to participate as an strategic partner in the different requires that are part of the productive enchain of our Customer and clients as much in the industrial and mining area as national and international. Especially motivated in the search of excellence in the service, from every one of the productive unities we have at your service.


To be recognized local, national and international by the Industrial and Miner Area as a strategic partner, trustworthy and sustainable through our unities of business. Leading every process of our operations with safety, quality, environment care, and social responsibility.


Being these the fundamental pillar of our organization identity, is that RAM Rental & Quality declares and make participe to every one of the collaborators, the conviction and compromise of acquiring in self in every activity or action that tale part , that values that are detailed.
Transparence and sustainable Management with who participate directly or through our organization in object of creating trustworthy long term.
Permanent collaboration with our community and environment.
Respect, loyalty, commitment and honesty.
Perseverance and disposition to changes in search of the Business operations excellence.
Impeccable proactive conduct oriented to self-care and a healthy life with the family.