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Topographical Equipment Total Station GEOCOM (Model 3605 DR)

Equipment destined to the simple and effective measurement to engineering and construction projects.

Characteristics of the equipment:

  • MED System (electronic measurement of distances) High precision DR 1mm + 1 ppm with capacity of measurement without prisms.
  • Quick drive without blockade screw and with slow non-ending movements.
  •  Measurements using the bottom trigger.

Characteristics Equipment of work:

  •  Take of points in 2 or 3 dimensions trough angles and distance.
  • Take of point in 2 or 3 dimensions through coordinates.
  •  Rise in 2 or 3 dimensions by coordinates again.
  •  Rise in 2 or 3 dimensions by distance and height.
  • Measurement of height difference.
  •  Height localization.
  •  Measurement of height difference.

Topographical Equipment Tachymeter TOPCON (model AT-66)

Equipment to measure over a field the vertical and horizontal angles and the distance between their vertexes.

Underground lines localization equipment TRACE MASTER

Pipelines and Wires Localization offers to the market a remote linking between the Transmission and Reception Unities. This is possible through a double communication channel by radio frequency (RF) and allow to change the transmitter operative frequency from the receptor. The linking also allow the monitoring of the transmitter batteries status and other operatives parameters.