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CQA Equipment - Tensiometer

To carry about Destructive tests (Shear and Peel) to the Geomembrane through hot wedge Thermofusion Technique and Manual Extruder.

Digital Tensiometer Calibrated Cell whit until 500 lb with an error margin of error of + 1/- %. Tension Clamps to keep the coupon fixed, digital plasma to measure the tension in the lb/pulg2 our Km/Cm, System and Memory Optional for upload Reports, Speed and Sheet Gauge Regulator.( Must be done once a year)

CQA Equipment - Vacuum Box

To carry about non destructive test to the Geomembrane. Through sealing welded technique in the simple way, sure and innocuous process coming from Thermofusion through the Manual Extruder.

  • 0 to 100 kpa Indication Interval.
  • 5 kpa Scale Interval.
  • Availability of equipment to take of tests in plane and / or in vertices 90.

CQA Equipment - Spark Test

To carry about non destructive test (shear and peel) to the Geomembrane. Through Hot Wedge Technique and Manual Extruder.

CQA Equipment - Kit with Copper Buddy Manometer

To carry about non destructive tests to the Geomembrane through sealing welded Technique of the air channel in the simply way sure an innocuous process coming from Thermofusion through Thermic Wedge.

  • 0 to 100 psi.
  • 20 psi Scale Interval.

CQA Equipment - Test Coupon

To bring about destructive Tests (shear and peel) to the Geomembrane through hot wedge Thermofusion techniques and Manual Extruder.

Complementary Equipment to perform destructive tests and initial test with Tensiometer.

CQA Equipment - Caps Test

To bring about of a non-destructive pipeline test, through quick and easy air pressure polyethylene pipelines techniques. All our Test Caps are Reusable, provide a positive theory stamp and have received a nominal pressure of 165 PSI.

The Installation and extraction is quick and simple in pipelines shapes of ½ CTS a 2 IPS

CQA Equipment - Tensile Tester

To bring about the destructive pipeline test the traction resistance welded through top welding Thermofusion technique.

The resistance tester to the traction in field bring a quick and easy method to effect quality unity test in the field. The double reduced section platen allow to make quick comparisons about the union of the integrity and the principal tube. A manual bomb system test the 2 inches IPS platen tube and bigger (wall until 5 inches of thickness).

CQA Equipment Bend Tester

To bring about a pipeline destructive test welded through top welding Thermofusion technique.

Process consist in a qualitative test of a union by fusion proving destructively a platen. The dispositive of assurance quality test the ductility of the union by polyethylene tube fusion

In a safe and quick way.


This test method put all the thickness of the wall in tension and give security in respect to the union ductility.

They operators can make the test in a safe way with the use of a dispositive actioned hydraulically that give 3 precision points over the Platen test.

CQA Equipment Data Logger

This employ the hand computer together a pressure transmitter to register information during the pipeline fusion formation.

The pressure transmitter of Data Logger measure of until 3000psi

Compact Equipment makes an inform for every fusion and saved in the hand computer.

The Equipment software is available in several languages and count with the Visual Fusion Guide assistant TM that codified the generated graphs by color to facilitate its interpretation. This has a storage capacity of hundreds of informs limited only for its memory capacity.